Our robot Dora, developed by the CogX project consortium, was showcased at the Science Museum in London as part of EU Robotics Week: [ ].

The Science Museum’s Robotville Festival – celebrating the most cutting-edge in European robot design and innovation. Showcasing over 20 unique robots and their makers, who will be on hand to demonstrate their work and talk to visitors.

Pictured “Dora the Explorer”, developed by University of Birmingham and the CogX project. Dora is curious about the world and wants to explore her surroundings. She looks for objects to tell her what type of room she’s in and can search for stuff you can’t find. (source: Science Museum London)

Our colleagues from the University of Birmingham demoed Dora the Explorer for the visitors, and were interviewed a couple of times. The whole event was a big success and attracted a lot of media attention. Here is a selection of video coverage:

Robotville movie by Polish Cultural Institute:



New Scientist:



The Sun:

Finally, Dora went out live on BBC national news, you can find the footage here on Youtube:

Photographs by: Jennie Hills, Science Museum London.