Hiwis Wanted

Note: the positions have been filled. We are no longer offering the hiwi jobs listed below. Thanks to everyone who applied!

We are currently looking for highly skilled students to help us develop, maintain, and evaluate our robot systems.

Do you have what it takes?

Students are expected to work on-site, as fully integrated members of our research teams. We offer a competitive package: Hiwi-job (10hrs/week), supervision, and working with state-of-the-art robot systems. Please send a cover letter with a CV, references, and “proof of skills” to hiwi.talkingrobots@googlemail.com referring to one of the job openings below.

Infrastructure and maintenance (#TR1109.INFR)

We are looking for highly skilled students (e.g., Engineering, Applied Computer Science) to help us maintain our robot systems. This involves hardware- and software updates, system programming, network infrastructure, and running system tests in application settings.

Required skills include intimate familiarity with UNIX/Linux, networks, C++/Java.
Command of English is preferred, as well as experience with a soldering iron and a screwdriver.

Evaluation and User Experimentation (#TR1109.EXP)

We are looking for highly skilled students (e.g., Psychology) to help us evaluate these robot systems through user experiments.

Required skills include familiarity with setting up statistical models for evaluating user data, and statistical software to process such data. Typically, this comes with a good background in psychology.
Furthermore, a good command of English and German is preferred.

Software Development

We are looking for highly skilled students to help us develop these robot systems further. This involves a variety of software implementation tasks.

Required basic skills include familiarity with developing on UNIX/Linux platforms, and programming in C++ and/or Java. Furthermore, a good command of English is preferred.

More specific skills depend on the kind of task you are interested in:

  • GUI Development (#TR1109.SW.GUI):
    Experience in programming graphical user interfaces (C++/Java toolkits; computer graphics; possibly Android; computer science background)
  • Dialogue Processing (#TR1109.SW.NLP):
    Experience in natural language processing (computational linguistics background)
  • Speech Recognition (#TR1109.SW.ASR):
    Experience in language model construction, data gathering (computational linguistics / phonetics background)