NIFTi in the news

In early January, NIFTi organized a week-long field trial with end users at the training area of the Dortmund Firebrigade (FDDO). In the trials, firemen experimented with several robot systems to explore a disaster. The purpose of these field trials were to gain a better insight in the way humans and robots might be able to work together when exploring a disaster area, focusing first of all on “remote” interaction (i.e. the humans are outside the hotzone). The setting of the field trials was the tunnel accident use case, with a setup for human-guided exploration (limited autonomy).

Towards the end of the field trials, FDDO organized a press conference to help showcase the project. As a result, NIFTi made an appearance in several printed and online media, as well as on television:

  • Online article in the RuhrNachrichten: [ WWW ]
  • Online photo gallery in the RuhrNachrichten: [ WWW ]
  • Online article on the Stadt Dortmund website: [ WWW ]
  • Reportage in the WDR Lokalzeit television show: [ WWW ]