NIFTi article & interview in c’t; NIFTi robot on cover of JFR

Our project on robot-assisted urban search & rescue, NIFTi, recently made an appearance in an article on rescue robotics in c’t 2/12.

The article, entitled “Autonome Vorhut: Neue Techniken bei Rettungsrobotern (Autonomous Advance: New Technologies in Rescue Robotics), described recent exercises at Disaster  City, and then presented NIFTi as a relevant European effort in that context. The article was followed by a two-page interview with Geert-Jan Kruijff (DFKI LT, coordinator NIFTi). The article and interview were done by Hans-Arthur Marsiske.

Also, the NIFTi robot recently made the cover of a magazine – the Journal of Field Robotics (Jan/Feb 2012).