Guest talk by Koen Hindriks on explaining cognitive agents

Koen Hindriks, our partner in the TRADR project, is visiting our group for a few days and as part of this will tell us about his work on explaining cognitive agents.

Speaker: Koen Hindriks
Title: Explaining Cognitive Agents
Date:  July 7 2014
Time: 14:00
Location: tbd

Abstract: In order to understand agents that are part of a team, it is essential that these agents are able to explain why they do what they do. In this talk, I present a new approach based on agent-oriented programming that exploits the structure and basic concepts that are used in logic-based agent programs for providing answers to some specific why questions. This approach is based on the fact that the behaviour of an agent-oriented program can be traced back to basically two sources. First, agents derive their choice of action from their beliefs and goals – two fundamental programming concepts in agent-oriented programming. These folk psychological concepts provide reasons for doing something. Second, agent programs are rule-based programs and the evaluation of rules to a large extent determines the program’s behaviour.