Master Thesis Colloquium talk of Soniya Vijayakumar

on November 6 at 14:00 in the room Leibniz at DFKI (Altbau, 1.29).

Title: Long-Term Memory in Cognitive Robots

Abstract: The aim of this thesis is to embed human-like long-term memory to the implementation architecture of the ALIZ-E cognitive system. The ‘information processing’ theory of the human memory forms the theoretical background for the design of an artificial memory system. The memory structure is based on Resource Description Framework (RDF) and using RDF triples as the basic memory units. These triples from a single interaction session between the user and the robot are appended to an RDF graph. These basic memory units are further scaled to episodes as well as include temporal representation of episodes. Thus, by taking advantage of the semantic technology language and its inherent capabilities, we build an artificial memory system and it is called as Continous-Like Long-Term Memory (CL-LTM).

The thesis is submitted towards the fulfillment of a Master Degree in Computer and Communication Technology.

All who are interested are welcome.