CoSy integrated Year 2 Explorer system

The second-year review meeting of the CoSy projecttook place at the Centre for Autonomous Systems at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) (Stockholm, Sweden) on Friday November 10, 2006. To present various aspects of the integrated system we developed, we created a movie showing a full experimental run of the system for Conceptual Spatial Mapping and Human-Augmented Mapping (HAM) as implemented in the Explorer scenario (interactive spatial exploration).



This video shows a full run of the integrated CoSy Year 2 Explorer system mobile robot.
In several scenes, which are part of a non-stop, full run of the robotic system, we illustrate the different functionalities and behaviors that that the system provides.
We would like to refer you to our corresponding publications (International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems and ICRA-07 workshop on Semantic Information in Robotics) for more explanations of the methods, techniques, and processes involved.